anatomy of a scrapbook page

I almost never redo my scrapbook pages. But I found myself this past weekend doing just that.

I started off with this page made from literal scrap – mostly offcuts by the side of my paper trimmer, that I randomly glued and stitched, and then splodged gesso and mist on top of. I’ve been exploring the junction between my art journal and my scrapbook a bit lately, and wanted to see what happened if I combined the two.


When that was dry, I got out a few more scraps and a photo of my cat who has taken over my dining room table recently as his new favorite place to nap! Added the picture to a project life card, stuck on a word sticker for a sort-of-a-title and did a bit of journaling. And voila …


But the next day — which coincidentally happened to be (Inter)National Scrapbook Day! –I couldn’t get the page out of my mind. I kept staring at it and I was unhappy with the way that the picture was getting lost on the busy background. So I took a deep breath, and ripped it apart. I mounted the picture on a simple white card and moved it to a less busy part of the page, and surrounded it with some additional embellishments. And added a little more paint — some blue circles stamped on with a mist cap — to try and direct the eye towards the picture and give the embellishments a bit of a home base. And I ended up so much happier with the page! I still think it’s a bit busy for me, but not so much that it overwhelms the photo (I think. Hopefully.) so I’m good with this third version of the page.

Sometimes a page is a struggle. Especially as I’m learning to work on 6×8 pages instead of 12×12 pages. You’ve got to edit even more ruthlessly on such a small space.

The creative process. Never boring!!

Taking a picture of a brown cat on a brown table is its own kind of fun. The photo’s a little clearer than it appear here.

(Ironically, as I was putting the page in my album, the “admit one” ticket fell off, and I didn’t put it back on. I liked the humor of the wording, but again, felt that without the extra words, the picture was even more the focus. So I guess there is actually a fourth version of this page. Yikes!!)

In the end, I think I preferred the page as an art journal page on its own, but I’m also happy to have this page in my scrapbook and to have enjoyed a bit of creative play. Which is the point of all this gluing and painting and sticking after all!