Do I have it in my to create 61 days in a row?

ICAD Day 23, 2016

I’m not really sure whether I want to be talked into this or out of this but it’s that time of year again… the ICAD Challenge is going to start June 1st and I have to decide whether to take part.

On the plus side, I enjoyed (mostly) participating last year for the first time. I made some cool cards that I really like. I even made a few process videos as I made my cards, and that was a fun challenge too!

But it’s a two month challenge, and by the end I was so over it. I don’t do well with lengthy challenges. If it was just a 30 day challenge the decision would be so much easier!

The part of me that wants to play with the cool kids really wants to do this… but I know myself ¬†— at least a little bit! — and committing to a card every day for two months seems like a lot right now.

I’m thinking about just collage and no mixed media to make it simpler. Or found poetry maybe, but that’s tough too. At one point I was going to make over a bunch of Project Life cards in my use or discard bin but I’m still pondering the place of mixed media in my scrapbooks. I want to get back to drawing again, so that could be an option… ???

I guess I have a day to decide.



growing my creativity…

I have this dream life where I wake up every morning refreshed, roll out of bed, make myself a cup of coffee, and then work in my art journal to greet the day.

In the supermax version of this dream life, I’m living on a lake house and there is kayaking that occurs before or after the journaling …


I am NOT a morning person. Ideally I could make the first part of this a reality if I could wake up with the sunrise, and get in some journaling time before work. But in real world land, I can barely get up and get to work on time. (You can put air quotes around “on time.” I just did in my head.)

It’s a problem. An issue. A challenge.

But I do what I can …. so I have a bedtime art journal. I would like to say it’s a daily bedtime art journal PRACTICE, but it’s just not that regular. Some days I just don’t have the mental or physical energy. But I do try and get 20 minutes or so of paint and collage time most days. Then I post them to Instagram and Facebook. It’s my version of daily pages. Just with colors and images instead of words.

The first day I did a page for this project, I drew a mushroom, and found a word sticker that said “chronicles.” Thus was born #dailymushroomchronicles. I liken them to actual mushrooms that are … sprouted? … in waste. I dig through my scrap box, and look at the junk on my desk, and hope for inspiration. Then plop some gesso and/or watercolors on the top and see what comes up. I am constantly inspired by layers of things … most notably walls with crumbling layers of wallpaper and paint.

All of which is helping me change up the way my scrapbook/project life pages look this year. But more on that in a bit.

So here’s the first few pages …

Anyone else have a daily art journal practice? How does it help you creatively? How do you keep from overworking your pages?! (Asking for a friend!)