a girl goes to the woods

I got to do one of my favorite things this past weekend. Every year a state park somewhat near to me does a day long “Women in the Wild” program. You get to choose four classes from a large list, and you get lunch and the obligatory free tshirt (I keep pushing people to sub in tote bags for tshirts as the more practical choice, but so far no go!).

I think this was my third year … which featured DIY crafts (sunscreen bars, citronella lamps from mason jars, salve extracted from plantain leaves, etc.), tree ID, a session all about essential oils, and then a kayak class.

Three years ago I got brave, tried the kayak class and fell in love. I’ve been trying to convince myself ever since that I don’t NEED a kayak … but oh how I want one! There’s something about being out on this particular lake, in/on the water that is just wonderful.

I don’t love the getting in and out of the kayak so much. It’s terribly unflattering when you’re as out of shape as I am!! But worth it. So need to do this more often!

And spending the day with women … mostly I hang out with a friend and her co-workers, but there’s always new women to meet and play with in the various sessions.

Also, there’s cake!

This year started out wet, but it stopped raining mid-morning. Then we just had to contend with the chilliness of a damp Spring day in the woods!

Then our little group went to a local bar with good food for an early dinner. Hanging with, and learning with women on Mother’s Day weekend. One of my favorite days of the year!

There’s no cell service out there so I usually have my phone tucked in my pockets, but I always try and get a picture of the lake, and of the cake, and if there’s anything else that pops out at me during the day.

So come and enjoy it with me with a few highlight photos:

There’s a bridge across the end of the lake. This is looking at the fishing/boating section…
Looking the other direction from the bridge, the beach and swimming side…
Selfie. Try and ignore that stray hair across my forehead…
Kayaks, ready for our class. 

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